Saturday, September 13, 2014


Today I helped my father celebrate his 60th Birthday and what a great day it was. I spent the morning with my sister and my son getting things together for the party and when we are together, there is nothing but laughter. Then add my M to the mix and all is lost. LOL. Anyway, it was a great morning.

As everyone started to arrive, I saw people I haven't seen in years and my heart grew a little bigger. The kids all started playing together and the adults quickly started to mingle. For a moment I sat back and took it all in. It's amazing how one man can bring all these people together. Whether its an uncle with stage 4 esophageal cancer or an aunt who is battling breast cancer or a very special family who drove 2 hours just to be there, we all came together for an afternoon just to celebrate him.

A little while later, Dad was opening his gifts and when he opened one I teared up little and of course got made fun of by my sister. She didn't understand and she probably won't until she is my age and had children of her own. The gift was a blanket made by that special family who drove two hours just to be there and it wasn't just another blanket. It was a blanket that had our family tree and different sayings that are near and dear to our family. It was the tightly woven strings and values of our family all together and that is why I teared up.

I am more guilty of this than anyone. I get so caught up with what is going on with my family that sometimes I forget that other lives are being lived all around me. Whether it's that uncle battling that stage four esophageal cancer, or that aunt fighting breast cancer, I am proud to be a part of a family who can take a moment from their life to make one moment memorable for another person. To me, that is what family is about. Caring so much for one another that you're willing to put everything on hold for them.

With my book being published and running the boys around plus starting back to work, the last few weeks have been insane. Tonight was a nice reminder of what is most important. Family. I walked around as everyone congratulated me on my book and told me how smart I was for this but something none of them realized was that they are each a little responsible for a tiny piece of that book. I'll explain why... that book was written by me and I am small pieces of each  of them pulled together over my 29 years. For that and for them I am thankful.

So with that, I challenge each of you to spend some time with your family's. Take a moment to find your roots and yourself again. Allow yourself to be reminded of who you are and who is responsible for helping you become that person today.

I leave you now to dream of memories from my childhood, thanks to that special friend (you know who you are). ;)

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